A Tribute


Image Coutesy: Amy Tanathorn


It’s been a while, since I spent some time here, with my gloomy, yet hopeful, poetic thoughts that initially created this blog. Of course, a lot of good has happened with me ever since. Fortunately, I’m very much alive and full of life. Thanks to a lot of people because of that, especially my Guru, who truly saved me from my own darkness. SO without any further ado, here’s a tribute to Him, just a few words on how much His love has transformed me and taught me to see the light! ๐Ÿ™‚

Time has passed aplenty and well,

Under His watchful eyes,

No darkness can creep or dwell,

Grateful to Him, a Fatherly guise,

Brought me to life, once a hell,

Made me stronger, maybe twice as wise!

Whether he’s my Guru or God, is hard to tell… ๐Ÿ™‚


Midnight Sun

As I invoke Thoth, my words write for you,

My enigmatic powers have kindled, now

You are a soul, Iโ€™d never acknowledged before,

You invigorate me as I pursue my conscience,

Gradually, I decipher the reason for our solitude,

And the world seems to secretly swallow our naievity,

As we weave our enigmatic, secret friendship,

Swimming along the edge of entwined destinies,

I realize the depth of possibilities yet to be explored,

As one, we give ourselves a chance to share our stories,

Our proximity disguised as a long distance,

Takes a step back, letting us dive into each otherโ€™s minds,

Traversing across the infinite seas of true companionship,

I find myself surrendering to you, my Midnight Sun…

Spiritualistic Skadoosh


Not until a few months ago, did I find myself discovering spiritualism. Go ahead, roll your eyes if you will. Although, spiritualism is a topic of obsolescence for some. It adds a whole new dimension to whatever knowledge we humans have been acquiring, since ages. It is the kind of knowledge that is so powerful yet reticent that you will hardly find much existent proof of this superior subject, which is another reason why many doubt, despise it.

Okay, to begin with, let me define spiritualism, in my own words. Spiritualism is the art of discovering, realizing and achieving your purpose in life. It is a process of experiencing life with no attachments of any magnitude. To give you a simple and funny example to understand spiritualism, think of Po, THE big fat Panda, from the movie, Kung Fu Panda. Right from the beginning, he was like any one of us, lazy, binge-eater, vulnerable, self-conscious, under confident, pretty much dumb all in all. It was only when Master Oogway “adviced” and Master Shifu “abused”, did Po’s journey of becoming the Dragon Warrior began. It was tough indeed, but he worked hard enough towards improving himself and identifying his strengths and weaknesses, to eventually make himself the invincible Dragon Warrior. Finally, as you all know, the much hyped Dragon Scroll was nothing but a shiny piece of paper with Po’s reflection! This clearly implies, that the real power lies within you! What Master Oogway and Master Shifu did to Po, was nothing but to make him believe in himself and understand the gravity of purpose he’s been made the Dragon Warrior for, i.e. to defeat Tai Lung and restore peace in the Valley of Peace.

So you see, spiritualism is the process of becoming a Dragon Warrior (invincible) whereas acquiring the Dragon scroll means mastering yourself, which is in the end, the true source of limitless power. So go ahead and start living your life with a newborn energy and inspiration. If you already do, you have my many blessings for an even more happier life ๐Ÿ™‚ Skadoosh!

Four Seasons

The seasons are changing, I’m dazed, in doubt,

Maybe it’s the constancy of my mood swings,

That have tossed me by both head and tail,


The last spring left me dry-wry and spiteful,

This summer escalated my mercury for vengeance,

The rains sprinkled drops of a subtle new fascination,

Dissolving the mess I’m in, with a tiny, tipsy distraction,


As I oscillate between these three melodramatic seasons,

I truly hope for the fourth, to snow with sweet gratification ๐Ÿ™‚



Image courtesy:ย www.osnatfineart.com

Before it’s too late


A grey winter morning dwells,

The lawn unkempt, hisses and complains,

The barn is glum with no barks or brays,

The house shivers, alone and fragile,

The rooms, once alive, quiet with grief,

The curtains hide the smiles and screams,

The stairs creak with mixed memories,

The hands of the clock, stuck at prejudice,

The old chair steadily rocks to tears, regrets,

As the smoke continues to rise from the chimney,

He sings for absolution, a bitter sweet symphony


Image coutesy:ย http://genuardis.net/image/image-sorrow.htm



Fearless dawn wakes her delicately

Judas tree sways to her elegance

Nightingale sings to her beauty

Nimbleness exulting in her stance


Kvell winds blow away her tyranny

Victory welcomes a celebration

For Leo the warrior of the valley

Her tears dole no expression


An embrace of love she desires

Gutsy Leo holds her close

Only seamless passion transpires

Quivery lips intoxicated by the elixir of Rose


Lustrous fire dancing in their eyes

Every touch casting a novel thrill

Flawless stars shimmering to a rise

Blessing Rose & Leo their tranquil



The Phoenix rises


Darkness surrenders to tranquility

At the break of dawn

Shines Venus with vivacity

As my heart adorns the timeless crown


Fear encounters misery

Victory dressed in treachery

Irony engaged with tragedy

Merrily kills my melancholy


Tears have overcome anger

As mercy abandons hope

For beauty knows no color

Miracle is now a nasty joke


Death screams out loud

As love haunts in disguise

My heart is painfully enshroud

But far away I see the phoenix rise…